Jackie Markham case and news informations


spunky: I am here in regards to get a Thread started for Jessica Lynn Heering that was KIDNAPPED From Norton Shores, Michigan on April 26, 2013 I don't know how to upload picture here..... Jun 17, 2013 10:47:51 GMT -5
gg: Chioma Grey has been found. She and her captor came back to the United States from Mexico in 2011. Her captor is also her boyfriend who is several years older than Chioma and they went to Mexico until she was 18. This needs to be updated. Oct 11, 2013 16:20:37 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Dear Madan. my name is Deisy k. Adcock and Im writing about my son Timothy Landus Adcock I have taking Landus away from aour home from smithville tenn. because the civil court from smithville tenn. did protect the wrong person, and that was my ex husband Nov 21, 2013 17:04:00 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: I take my child away to protect him from an abusive father, he molested my child on varios ocation , we are talking about sexual phisical , and mental abuse Nov 21, 2013 17:05:27 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: I dint have enough evidence to prove this abuse, in civil court of smithville tenn, due to my poor understanding of the laws and the language.'My ex husband now he pass away 2 years ago. and the charges of felony and the warrant have drop. Nov 21, 2013 17:09:04 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Madan it has been a long and painfull road , for Landus and I I did took my son to Honduras where we live I have found protection for him from diferent organizations, like Humans Rights, children rights and others. Nov 21, 2013 17:11:35 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: we have prove with concrete evidence of this horrible abuse, done by Landus father ,I won the case and also the custody of my son Landus it was a horrible ordeal but we prove it that what I did was to protect my child from a secure death Nov 21, 2013 17:14:26 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Now if you can contact the duty agent from the F.B.I. miss. Sheryl.Mcgraw@ic.fbi.gov you will found that the charges of felony and warrant are dropp. Nov 21, 2013 17:17:15 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Madan the sad thing about this ordeal is that because of the lack of evidence my child was giving back to his father this perpetrator cover hymself very well , he was a civil judge pointed by the court of smithville for about 10 years.plushe was a u.s.a. Nov 21, 2013 17:19:37 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: vet.he was under sphychologist, and syquiatric help for about 18 years he was taking a lot of drugs prescriptions and others none prescrive. so imagen I a humble woman with poor understanding of laws and the language was not able to defen my child Nov 21, 2013 17:21:56 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Now madan understand this a few weeks ago , Landus was playing games on the internet and he said to me what it will happen if He write his name on google and he did surprise his name was on the missing children and that took Landus by surprise Nov 21, 2013 17:24:39 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: It has been a nightmare for him. please remove Landus add from the missing list he is not longer a missing child , he is safe from all this terrible injustice .' there is evidence here in Honduras you can call the U.S.A. embassy or the Human Rights. Nov 21, 2013 17:27:30 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Or call or search the webb and found the Honduras Embassy the department of Foreing Affairs cana answer all your questions conserning this case. please Landus deserve justice peace and the oprtunity to put this terrible unjustice on the past. thank you and Nov 21, 2013 17:29:47 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Please remove the add as soon as posible the truth is totally diferent of what people have tried to tell , you can call me also at this number 504-98111995 Nov 21, 2013 17:32:21 GMT -5
morrisondaisy: Thank you and please pray for us that the truth will always prevail. Best regards Deisy Kronfel Adcock Nov 21, 2013 17:33:12 GMT -5
mommaof3: WOW! i just joined in to see if they was any progress on theses older cases and just now remembered about the girl being abducted from Aruba..I was surprisedmto see the comment above...if there is Anything I can do to help besides sending my prayers JLMK!! Dec 10, 2013 3:05:26 GMT -5